Sin Valdosta, Georgia

SiN is a two piece band from Valdosta, Ga. Jimi Davies on guitar/vocals and Freeman Halley on drums/vocals. The two have been best friends for 18 years. and playing music together for 13 of those years. SiN officially formed in Nov. of 2011, and have been steady recording and touring since. all recorded material is available here. our new full length vinyl will be out in April. Peace, Love, SiN!! ... more

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Track Name: Alone
Do you enjoy your agony? Don't be begging for no sympathy. you put your self in a place to be Alone---
My heat strings are tied up for up. i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do.
i'm in love with a ghost----

the Moon it'll be out real soon. eye been a float since late afternoon. eye don't mind to have a drink before 2:00---
I'm drowning in a river of pain. filled wil whiskey and old memories. Every time you cross my mind eye take a drink---
Track Name: Self Sabotage
Self sabotage. it's what i'm best at. it's what i'm accused of. Self sabotage. Eye burned bridges with everyone eye ever loved. Self sabotage.
You just let you mind go, and your hands they will follow. then you tap tap tap tap tapa your toes. Self Sabotage.
Did eye hurt myself and eye just don't know? did eye damage my own brain, am eye goin insane? or am eye fallin in love? Self Sabotage.
Track Name: R.Y.E.
coming soon.
Track Name: Down Down
Eye gotta thing gotta a thing for you baby. eye gotta thing gotta a thing for you. Eye gotta thing got a thing for you baby and eye hope to god you got a thing for me too.
I'm gonna go down down down down to your house. I'm gonna go down go down down to your house, eye wanna go down down down down to your house eye wanna go down go down down to your house.
Eye got a crush on the gurl down the street.
Eye feel inside she's got a crush on me.
We both like movies, and we like to read the same book of the day of the god forsaken week!
Track Name: Still hear and waiting
The monsters under my bed they ate my family, but there not really gone. just planning a surprise party, and eye don't know where. I'll get my invite in the mail where eye can get down with my family who was eaten by the monsters underneath my bed.
The skeletons in my closet are coming out tonight. all of those little secrets, that secretly destroy my life. Eye gotta change things up, and clean out my past. eye gotta remove the trash from underneath my bed.
Still here. Waiting.
Still here.
Track Name: Aldous Huxley
I'm staring at a cloud trough a hole in a leaf from the angle that i'm layin on the ground. I'm tryin to figure out why eye feel so alone when there's people always around the way eye see things aint the way they see things and it's startin to really strike a nerve. i'll spend all day thinking of something to say but eye never can seem to find the words
it's not that bad as it seems. just a simple misunderstanding. my eyes they different than yours. is your perception open??? have you closed your doors?
I'm starin into space thinkin bout yesterday wondering what went wrong.
some things were said when they entered my head they turned into bad thoughts.
now im stuck here and i'm feeling so weired and staring at the ground. there's nothing to do and nowhere to go. and eye feel like no ones around.
Track Name: Into the fire.
Out of the frying pan and into the fire. eye feel eye been on this road for miles. eye been involved with some cheaters and liars. eye wrapped my heart around a burnin desire. out of the frying pan and into the fire.
who would have thought that things would get worse from here. oh they do my dear my dear my dear. now that your gone my love for you grows stronger. out of the frying pan and into the fire.
now that your gone my love for you grows stronger. out of the fryin pan and into the fire.
Track Name: Imagine.
I'm gonna go sleep walkin tonight. i'm gonna walk down to your house, that's right. eye know things are not as they seem cause when i'm sleepin yeah eye want you layin next to me.
eye can't help but want you in my dreams. eye can't help but want you in my dreams baby! eye can't help but want you in my dreams, cause in reality your nowhere even close to me.
Track Name: Pawnder.
So eye made a few wrong moves, and eye may have lost my queen. but i'll still take all of you pieces, and i'll still win this game.
cause space by space i'm thinking. square by square in time.
you take all my pieces one by one, and now there on your side.
the tiny piece is coming, it's sneaking right on by.
soon my pieces they will be free, and all control will then be mine.
all mine!
Track Name: While you were cheating on me... eye knew.
my eye's only look sad when eye been lie'n. and baby eye been lie'n o you. i'll hold you in my arms and say eye love you. but laltely i'm not sure if thats true.
cause every time i'm feelin down. you come around and make things worse. and when we have our little chats. i'm at a loss for words.